This makes things much easier on the host you’re contacting, as it shows you already have a clearly defined set of talking points and likely won’t need much hand-holding as a guest. Logo Maker for a Podcast. Meet Our Airsters. Friendly Introduction. To be successful with any media pitch, you need to have something newsworthy and relevant to get the person on the other end of your email interested in hearing more.Â. Remember, there is a lot happening in those inboxes, so it’s important to follow up with people to ensure you’re catching them at a right time, you have something timely they need to jump on now, etc. I get about 5 podcast pitches a week in my inbox of entrepreneurs { or their agents } trying to get them on my show, " The Visible Entrepeneur ". Thinking much bigger, podcast sponsorship can also lay the groundwork to greater income later on. Connecting with a Podcast Host. II. I get it, it can be a little intimidating to put yourself out there especially if you don’t know the person you want to pitch very well! PODCAST PITCH TEMPLATE Subject: Potential Guest For XXX Podcast Hi First Name, Hello! The Pitch is hosted by Josh Muccio, who brought the independent podcast to Gimlet in 2017. What’s the problem you’re trying to solve? People usually automatically go to press releases when this topic is brought up, but I do not suggest it.Â. This is another thing many people forget. Meet Lory. My topic areas/the value I bring to the podcast’s audience. 2. I built this business from a freelancer to a profitable one-million-dollar agency (with an all-remote team) in four years with three kids at home. I consent that by checking this box, I am giving permission for Michelle to send me emails, product offers + updates. Keep your pitch short and to the point; you want to get across why you’d be a good podcast guest as quickly as possible. With a little work and thought, you’ll find there are plenty of companies out there who might have the right products for your podcast. In the early days of building a startup, founders make critical decisions that will shape their companies for years to come. Suppose you are an entrepreneur and want to get featured on Rob’s entrepreneurship podcast. As the host of a two successful podcasts that have featured many high profile guests including BJ Fogg, Seth Godin, and Matt Mullenweg, I get pitches all the time. Finding the Right Podcasts to Pitch. Member since 2017. Build a list of podcast targets. I wanted to give kids growing up today the same kind of access to different kinds of people and stories that I had. Here’s how you could pitch him. Pitch Deck templates for your company. All slides have been created and are 100% editable in powerpoint. Hi Rob, Hope you are well. Press releases worked in the 1970s. Podcast Guest Pitch: How a College Dropout started a 7-figure Company in One Year . Take a moment to write down the What, Who, Where, Why, When, and How of your podcast. FOR EXAMPLE:Â. I was a TV reporter and anchor for 10 years. You’ll also submit a 2-page pitch proposal to me further explaining the project in terms of style, content and techniques and a screenshot of the session file. Click here to see how Podcast Clout works.Â. Your email address will not be published. Meet Kamilah. It sounds so easy, but it’s shocking how many people miss this part… and it costs them in podcast bookings. Podcast Pitch: 20% (Due Mar. 6. From: Jon Ronson Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 16:11:53 +0100 Our Should I Sponsor a Podcast? If you’ve spoken with your prospect before, don’t start a pitch by talking about yourself, your product, or your business. If you have 10 people who could introduce you to 2-3 podcast hosts each, that would be a list of 20-30 potential podcasts you might be featured on. You can play with colors, fonts, illustrations, and icons to bring out your brand and represent your information better. One of the questions I get a lot is how to pitch podcast guests. When they forget it, they lose opportunities. For that reason, they aren’t as effective today. you can give them a heads up when it’s time to pitch them.Â, Then, your email will not come as a surprise and it’s not coming from a complete stranger, like many others in the podcast host’s inbox.Â. To do this, you need to get to the point quickly. Member since 2019. Inspiration from successful startup presentations. Grab The Podcast Pitch Template! You can use this resource, either as a template for your own pitch, or you can just link them to it directly. 3. Media kit templates for bloggers are also available in our collection. Here are four pitches for stories for our show. Why that particular podcast and podcast host? I received A LOT of terrible pitches in that time, so now, I own a PR agency to help business owners pitch themselves to earn exposure they deserve, but don’t know how to get. Get detailed examples of good {and bad} pitches, fillable prompts + make your pitch shine! ), For help on finding the right podcast hosts to target as it relates to your niche and expertise, you can use Podcast Clout to save time. When you are creating your podcast one-sheet, make sure you answer the following questions: 1. Who are you? Oh yeah, and I just launched another business (with a podcast focus, ironically) in the middle of a pandemic. Let’s wrap things up by giving you a simple template so you create a masterful pitch in no time. 2. Keep this short and to the point. Recording a podcast trailer boosts the discoverability of your show and gives you the opportunity to hook new listeners by giving them a sneak preview. You’ve already built some rapport, so use it!Refer back to the conversations you’ve had previously to show the prospect you remember them, and remind them that you understand their problem. It will also help you prepare transitions and … Your personal headshot Well, podcast sponsorship can help you get them– guilt free! And before we dive in, you should grab my free template where I'll walk you through my Perfect Podcast Pitch Template to help you book any podcast! Many podcasts sound like free-flowing conversations – but don’t be fooled, most have a podcast script template that they follow. Pitch like a Pro. INSERT NO MORE THAN A THREE SENTENCES THAT SHOWS WHY YOU ARE AN EXPERT IN THE TOPIC YOU ARE PITCHING. 2. 5. Download the podcast pitch email template here! Just grab the template below. Do not blast a lot at one time because that will not only decrease your chances of getting booked, but it will look like spam. What to you do? Why would you be a good guest on this specific show? PowerPoint Templates Executive Education Social Media Icons PPT Slide-These high quality powerpoint pre-designed slides and powerpoint templates have been carefully created by our professional team to help you impress your audience. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Podcast Pitch Template Podcast Pitch Email. The show has been downloaded tens of millions of times since. It helps if your last conversation included solid discovery questions like these: 1. Before reaching out to a podcast host, I suggest connecting with him or her on social media. This means you can potentially do several a week. I'll show you how to do it! Most of what you will land in media pitching will be because of the follow-up. Look at your network. A podcast description is like a book jacket. Click here to see how Podcast Clout works. It’s obvious. The first thing you need to do is to figure out which podcasts would … You're about to forget to grab the Perfect Podcast Pitch Template! Of course, I’ll happily promote our interview to my audience as well. If your podcast is all about finance, this is a good podcast cover art … In this case, the elevator pitch formula boils down to five steps. When I was a TV reporter, I received at least 100 emails a day. Once you’ve interacted with the podcaster on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Create Your Target List. It’s what people read after the name of your show has drawn them in but before they decide to start reading. 21) This assignment requires you to pitch an idea for a potential podcast/soundwork. Have you ever listened to a podcast or radio show before? Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Why you are the perfect person to talk to about this topic, The next steps you want the person to take (like book you as a guest on his or her podcast), End with a short 1-2 sentence bio that includes some authority or credibilityÂ. Download your free podcast pitch template The pitch email to send to podcast hosts Once you have your list of potential podcasts (and this is a list that you should keep adding to on a monthly basis), it’s time to pitch. The top podcasts in the world go into the process with a podcast format before they begin recording. This is standard for all media pitches, not just podcasts. That's how I booked Entrepreneur On Fire in my first year of business without any special logos or income to my name. What should I say? Including from people who obviously have never listened to my podcast. INSERT SOMETHING YOU LIKE ABOUT THIS PODCAST, SOMETHING YOU HAVE IN COMMON – ANYTHING TO PROVE YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE PITCHING AND THIS IS NOT A MASS EMAIL. It’s much quicker than writing a guest blog post. Your blog is your brand. I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't give you an extra nudge to grab it for FREE! Before I get to the podcast pitch template, I’m sharing some quick tips and tricks that you will use in every pitch email. This outline will create a guide that keeps you on track and ensures you hit all the right points. First, draft out your thoughts. If you’re accepting podcast pitches for guests on INSERT PODCAST SHOW NAME, I’d love to be considered. Ho… Listening. For help on finding the right podcast hosts to target as it relates to your niche and expertise, you can use Podcast Clout to save time. Please let me know if you’re interested in having me as a guest on your podcast to share my expertise with your listeners. If you've listened to podcasts … 1. 4. Media kits are also called press kits, for those of us old enough to remember when media outlets used printing presses to distribute information on paper. Before reaching out to a podcast host, I suggest connecting with him … Required fields are marked *. (Trust me. After a 10-year history in Hollywood, I'm a beast at pitching. In each media pitch, your email should include: When you’re sending a podcast pitch, make sure you’re sending ONE pitch to ONE podcast host a time. A podcast pitch is a short email that tells someone why they should book you as a guest on his or her podcast. If on, I’d be happy to share the episode with my 100,000+ social media followers. If you’re accepting podcast pitches for guests on, Why podcasts are the #1 way to grow your thought leadership in the new decade, The biggest mistake people make when they pitch podcasts and how to fix it so you’re a regular on podcasts your ideal client or customer listens to, How you can turn a podcast interview into tens of thousands of dollars for your business, INSERT PAST PODCAST OR MEDIA EXPERIENCE TO SHOW THE PODCASTER YOU ARE CREDIBLE AND AN AUTHORITY IN YOUR INDUSTRY.Â. Media kit templates will make it simple to present your brand in a professional way to sponsors and collaborators. From the 2017 IAB Podcast Playbook. Pitching Sponsors On Your Show How do I find people to pitch? What shouldn't I say?! That’s because it will help you stand out from the crowd by adding a little personalization to it. You will notice these in the template below. Connect with and impress a podcast writer Now that you’ve got a podcast press kit (here’s our guide and the Bello Collective’s what, why, and how of podcast press kits if you need a refresher) it’s time to flex those muscles: we’ve compiled a list of publications accepting podcast pitches to help you share your show.… When you send a podcast pitch, the goal is to get the host or the producer to write back asking for more information to book you.Â. To fix poorly worded pitches and standout from the crowd, Davis recommends approaching the process with more empathy. Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch . Look for other independent creators and small businesses!Your first sponsor doesn’t need to be a name-brand company — you can also look for businesses with a … Just last week, I received this pitch. Podcast pitch Email Template Being a guest on podcasts is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader, promote your brand, and attract well-aligned potential customers to your community, but there’s a right and wrong way to go about pitching yourself to hosts. Most podcast interviews last between 30-60 mins. This is the all-in-one worksheet that will show you exactly how to start pitching yourself for podcasts - and booking them!! This first story was the anchor for show #385 Pro Se. Some interview topics and talking points include: INSERT AT LEAST ONE MAIN TOPIC WITH 3-5 BULLET POINTS BELOW IT TO GIVE THE PODCASTER AN IDEA OF WHAT THEY CONVERSATION WOULD LOOK LIKE. ;). It's rough figuring out how to pitch yourself for anything...especially a podcast! FOR EXAMPLE:Â, I’ve been a guest on INSERT PAST PODCAST OR MEDIA EXPERIENCE TO SHOW THE PODCASTER YOU ARE CREDIBLE AND AN AUTHORITY IN YOUR INDUSTRY.Â. Here … Jon's been on the show before, is a veteran reporter and author, and reported the story himself. The third type of an elevator speech we’ll break down is the one you use to describe your business, product, or an idea to a client, stakeholder, or a potential VC. Producer, consultant, podcast creator. Remember how I said you need to email ONE podcast host at a time? Keeping traditional print journalism in mind will help you focus your thoughts as you make this kit. I consent that by checking this box, I am giving permission for Michelle to send me emails, product offers + updates. This is the all-in-one worksheet that will show you exactly how to start pitching yourself for podcasts - and booking them!! Elevator Speech Template for … How can you be reached? All of them made it onto the program. In this episode, we catch up with him to find out if Shift, a job-placement service for military vets, has continued to dazzle investors. Podcast Script Outline Templates When you write a podcast script, it helps to start with a bird’s eye view of your show. Your email address will not be published. The Wrong Way to Pitch a Podcast. After a stellar pitch on our show back in 2017 — one that got $100K in the first five minutes — founder Mike Slagh hit the ground running with his startup, Shift. 22 Free Media Kit Templates to Pitch Your Brand.  Before reaching out to a podcast host, I suggest connecting with him or her on social media. *Insert something specific you love about this podcast* I'm reaching out because I was wondering if you would be up for having me as a guest on an upcoming podcast episode as I think I could provide a lot of value to This pitch is where most podcasters make the biggest mistakes. When you point out that you know the podcast’s content and a little bit about the host, it will set you apart from the rest. What are the mistakes? Our design editor has easy to use tools and interface that can get you through your design journey. In fact, that number has gone up since then.Â, For tips on pitching the media, click here.Â. Being a podcast guest is a great way to get in front of your ideal customers/clients - and build your audience - fast. Here’s an example: Hello [podcast owner’s name], I’d love to be a guest on [insert show name [to add value to your audience. Okay, so you probably agree now that new and niche podcasts are better … No matter if you’re pitching yourself or asking someone to appear on your podcast, the request typically follows a pitch template. A blog dedicated to studying successful pitch decks. article was designed as a guide for business owners who've been approached about potentially advertising on podcasts. My name is XXX and I run XXX business/website. Maybe you’ve listened to it for years; maybe your colleague was just on as a guest; maybe you graduated from the same college – whatever the reason, let him or her know! Kamilah Kashanie Reporter, multimedia producer, host. Asking for an introduction by one of your contacts or podcasters who have interviewed you in the past is an excellent way to increase the chances of your pitch being successful. It’s also a great way to build … How to pitch yourself as a podcast guest Read More » What can you talk about (what are you an expert on)?

podcast pitch template

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