Relocating We cater for students from KS2 to KS5 (Year 5-13), and cover all iGCSE/ GCSE requirements as well as A'Level as well as the KS3 curriculum. options will still be open. Edexcel With IGCSE distance learning, 100% of the assessment is done by examination, providing a convenient way to build on and test your knowledge and skills. A March exam is also available to students in India. The end result is that you will likely gain much better exam results. ICT IGCSE. Your child is receiving a quality education at an affordable price whilst at the same time developing a joy of learning in a supportive and caring group dynamic. Online Contact Form. what Tuition for IGCSE and A-level . The step by step programme of study, with designated textbooks and online resources ensured that my daughter understood the concepts and their application in a logical manner. A-level, ITS Terms of Service (TOS) & Privacy Enjoyment – Try to choose subjects you think you will enjoy doing. All of our classes are fully teacher led lessons, and our classes are kept deliberately small. The Resident is an online-only magazine/platform that provides information on some of the best companies and activities within London. This is very important if you are Gilman Available subjects (external links to Pearson): Note: Students can either come to Hong Kong to sit their exams at ITS or we will help [email protected] The first three years of secondary school education at iBOS, for pupils aged 11 to 14. time you have available and what other exam venues may exist near you. Admission Test, MLAT – Modern Languages Our school atmosphere of courtesy, respect and love of learning is extended by all our staff, students and families. Not only is it truly international - it gives students more options than any other international qualification. We teach the full range of EBacc subjects to our Key Stage 4 students, ensuring that their options are open for further study and future careers, and offer great support for our 6th Form students that wish to progress for further education and/or work. Wherever in the world your students want to go, help them get there with Cambridge IGCSE. All lessons are recorded and stored in our online archive which students can access 24/7. The course will also provide a strong basis for further study. Get the same GCSE/IGCSE qualifications you would in school, all online. Important points to consider when choosing IGCSE subjects: Pathways - Make sure that the subjects you are choosing are appropriate to or to add on to other schooling then think carefully about which subjects you need and why. IGCSE. How much reading is likely? How many most further options. Students can choose the subjects they are most passionate about from several subjects that we have to offer, having the choice between double and triple-award sciences, history and geography, as well as a modern foreign language such as German, French or Mandarin. They are necessary for Level 2 Art & Design Online Course - (Ofqual Code: 501/2278/2) Online College Of Art & Design. International GCSEs with ITS, this is less important as you will likely have a wide range and Admissions Test, Map of International Schools in Are there any practical assessments? It offers an unrivalled British education that will enable your child to progress to any university in the world including Cambridge, Oxford, and the top US Universities. Black Friday OFFER - Checkout Now & Save - This Offer has been extended until Wednesday 2nd December due to popular demand! The UK International GCSE is an internationally recognized, publicly-examined secondary school International Schools In Hong Kong, School Placements For Students at our online school learn via our interactive live online video lessons from their home, with none of the distractions of a typical school. The British Council publishes a useful document titled: How to choose the right subject at GCSE and However, if you are taking a narrow range for time or budget reasons A-levels. portfolio; are home learner students not enrolled in other full-time secondary school. In the case of puzzles like our IGCSE Crosswords, it’s crucial to spell linked words correctly to be able to complete the task. factors such as which country you live in, which passport you hold, what your budget is, Guide: Level 2 courses are for beginners/intermediates and returners (returning well Due to our online status, our teachers can focus on teaching for the entire lesson time, without interruption, disruption or bad behaviour, which can be experienced in a more mainstream traditional classroom setting. (middle/high school) qualification accepted by educational institutions worldwide. The May/June sitting is the more widely available. iBOS sixth form has a wide range of available international A-Level subjects, offering students a solid-footing in their education and giving them the opportunity to study what they enjoy with the best tools available, preparing them well for their journey towards university or work. GCSE/GCE/International A-level FAQ page, How to choose the right subject at GCSE and For subjects where controlled assessment is not required, you can still enrol on our GCSE home study courses in, for example, Maths, Law, Psychology Sociology and Religious Education. We will help you to decide the best option depending on Our open events will showcase why iBOS is the world’s pioneering live British online school, where all of your questions will aim to be answered. Study the best of international curricula with our Cambridge IGCSE School. The IGCSE is the world’s most popular exam qualification for 14 to 16 year olds, and the Cambridge IGCSE is recognised by universities and employers everywhere.. Cambridge IGCSE exams are held in May/June and in October/November each year. Our online ICT iGCSE course introduces students to the basic principles of ICT and the use of the basics common software applications, including word processors, spreadsheets, databases, interactive presentation software, e-mail, web browsers and website design. Workload – Another good reason to read through the syllabuses of each subject you are Schools in Hong Kong, Directory of InterHigh is an online secondary school which teaches the full UK curriculum in various subjects from year 7 through to iGCSEs, AS and A Levels. Available in over 40 subjects, International GCSEs are academic qualifications equivalent to a UK General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), and are the main requirement for progression to Level 3 studies. This means adult learners can study real accredited qualifications from home around work and family commitments. We have been doing it since our opening day in 2005 in Hong Kong and we continue to do so online. determine and apply for onward pathways such as school applications or accessing ITS In smaller classes, concentration is automatically improved as there is constant teacher engagement with the students. achieve the next That We specialise in Art, Design & Media courses; we supported our first student back in 2002. taken at about age 16, the main purpose is to provide access to final high school years or to a The UK International GCSE is an internationally recognized, publicly-examined secondary school (middle/high school) qualification accepted by educational institutions worldwide. Students will leave iBOS as confident, caring and contributing members of our global community, ready for university. The IGCSE curriculum is much like the secondary school phase of Singapore, except the students here take the Singapore Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level examinations. Group Life Assurance Tower, 134-136 Des Voeux Road Central, HK (entrance on Available to all ages! So, what is an online school to a student? Usually As a result, it provides valuable practice for the Cambridge English, and IGCSE ESL examinations as well as higher-level courses such as the IB English Language B and Cambridge Advanced. Online International GCSE study is particularly suited to those who: In addition to providing International GCSE access, ITS will assist with counseling to We offer one-to-one expert tuition across a wide range of both recreational and exam board accredited courses. Policy. Andrew Yeoh, Homeschooling Parent, Melbourne, Ausrtalia. going to a top boarding school. Looking to study a IGCSE online? Our students can ask their teacher questions discreetly, either during or after class; they can study subjects that they are passionate about, and gain an in-depth understanding of the topics they are studying. achieve it. Join Best Online classes for igcse, cie, cambridge igcse, igcse past papers, cambridge international school students can join us to get A* +92308 4701392 | … We created Cambridge IGCSE more than 30 years ago. world. We are the only online school that teaches the British National Curriculum, domestically from London, to both national and international students worldwide. IGCSE's are the world’s most popular international qualification. Enrol Now | Meet Our Staff | Fees. Our classes are smaller than that of traditional high schools, meaning teacher attention is optimised without distraction. Our teachers are able to spend more study time with each of our students, helping them to excel in each and every subject they study. Even if you International GCSE (iGCSE) Students can choose the subjects they are most passionate about from several subjects that we have to offer, having the choice between double and triple-award sciences, history and geography, as well as a modern foreign language such as German, French or Mandarin. Our online high school courses are accredited by Pearson Edexcel, a world-class provider of academic qualifications, and are highly flexible so they fit around your life.. are seeking to go to a UK boarding school to complete their A-levels; cannot access other schools to complete their IGCSEs or equivalent qualifications; face mobility problems that make it difficult for them to attend mainstream schooling; do not wish to attend overseas boarding schools to complete their secondary education; are studying other syllabuses & wish to add an additional subject to improve their A-level You can browse the 'How online education works' menu as Failing to complete ALL exercises or questions will result in an “I” (incomplete) which is equivalent to an “F”; If you are absent, YOU should ask ME or check on the HOMEWORK PAGE.You will have the same time you were absent to make up the work. they play to your strengths and your enjoyment [see above].Â. 4/F, BOC We are an online school offering a British curriculum to students worldwide. ITS Terms of Service (TOS) & Privacy considering is to check how they are assessed. Submit an open day form to enquire on future open day events. Welcome to Cambridge Home School. Internationally recognised qualifications used to prepare students for further study and A-Levels. Today, it’s the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. step on your desired pathway e.g. Get your goal clear in your head and then work back from there to see what you need to do to your Students use our proprietary online learning platform to access their planner/timetable, having access to their live timetabled lessons at their respective time, as well as recorded lessons at any time, 24/7. Course Fee: £ 395 Hong Kong, Command terms for call +852 2116 3916 or drop us an email at [email protected]. The Cambridge IGCSE and the Pearson Edexcel GCSE are two of the most prominent examinations in the world today. 2116-3916 Strengths – Read through the syllabuses for subjects you are considering doing to see whether Online GCSE & A levels courses with Live-classes & tutorial videos from which None is YouTube but curriculum-based tutorials designed to make learning easier ... Online ICT iGCSE Business Studies iGCSE Geography iGCSE ... OBA School +44 (0) 20 3290 666 [email protected] UK Register of … Weekly reports are available at our students’ dashboard, which is also accessible to parents. If you like our materials and would like to help our site continue, please consider contributing to … Performance for each student is evaluated by our school on a regular basis, using a wealth of adapting facilities and resources, to ensure that meaningful and lasting education is provided throughout the academic years for the years to come. The Online School provides an alternative to traditional schooling teaching the British Curriculum with UK based teachers and tutors. writing essays and other questions, Visit our International University Placements & Career Development. Online iGCSE British school in the United Arab Emirates If you are looking for a good, quality British School in the United Arab Emirates for your child, then you’ve landed on the right page. CHS is a selective over-subscribed online independent school based in Cambridge UK. organize Real College of Further Education ONLINE. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the Revolutionising online home education, the AbaSaleh School for Righteous Aspirations (ASRA) offers structured online schooling for primary and secondary age pupils. School Placements For tests/exams are there? These Wolsey Hall Oxford's IGCSE courses are excellent for students who wish to homeschool. So, our IGCSE ESL Word searches are an excellent way to help to reinforce spellings.Word puzzles require not just a good vocabulary and a knack for spelling, but the ability to think logically and strategically. provides ALL the information you can think of for International GCSE. Our teachers broadcast live lessons from our main school building in London, where lessons are delivered via live and interactive online video-links for all of our students.