Turn off your lights. The current focus on buying more energy-efficient light bulbs, for example, simply furthers consumerism, which is a major reason why climate change is an issue in the first place. “In order to have productive environmental movements, they have to be community-focused and run by people within the community who are invested in the community,” Reynolds tells me, a lesson she learned after working at the NYC Environmental Justice Alliance one summer. Pick one, but not both, because you can’t have both. Stephan Roundtree, an environmental policy and advocacy coordinator at WE ACT for Environmental Justice, argues that environmental advocacy has been exclusive from its genesis. A more detailed version of the diversity wheel . In almost every Western country, climate change has become a battle between the left and the right. Platzer listens closely as her professor discusses genetic expressions and phenotypes versus genotypes. Have we been talking about climate in the wrong way. The survey found that, on average, people of color made up 27 percent of full-time staff and 14 percent of senior staff, which is overall less racially diverse than other areas of the private sector. As one of the only black students in her year of her major, she is used to being a visible minority in the discipline. One is the environmental movement’s advocacy of, as Platzer puts it, “Save the whales. Despite climate change being such a racialized issue, the number of people of color in environmental fields were few and far between. When Jenny’s not coming up with solutions to increase the effectiveness of environmental organisations, you’ll find her frolicking in the natural abundance of BC. Notable Quotes. “Since indigenous people and people living in urban areas have been faced with environmental challenges, they’ve realized that many of the mainstream movements don’t actually stop, step back, and see what matters to them,” West says. Roundtree also highlights the economic privilege of working in environmental movements, and advocates for a solution as simple as paying interns, which would make the field more accessible to low-income people of color. Each ecosystem corresponds to a series of complex relationships between biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) components. As I spoke with students about the future of the environmental movement, this notion of community action and involvement arose frequently. An example of one of these traits is skin color. The academic journal, run by Columbia undergraduates, is an interdisciplinary journal that seeks to bring together a wide range of focuses on sustainable development. Underrepresented In 2014, Dorceta Taylor, a professor of environmental justice and food systems and the director of diversity, equity and inclusion at the University of Michigan's School for Environment and Sustainability, published a landmark study of racial diversity in green NGOs, government agencies and foundations. 1) Talents, skills, and experiences Individuals from diverse backgrounds can offer a selection of different talents, skills, and experiences, that may be of benefit to the organization and their work performance. I like hiking. However, later on in the semester, Mishra explains that the course delved more into race and how race can be a determinant of health. 6 behaviours to implement that unlock innovation and promote equality. Mishra views the decision to go into environmental disciplines and movements as a matter of economic privilege. Jenny puts on her foodie hat and with the help of folks at the David Suzuki Foundation, produce two audio shorts on the culinary magic of wild salmon. Copyright Spectator Publishing Company. This is a very interesting question, and I wish I knew the exact reason so I could come up with the magic solution, but I … Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resources for Environmental Education Professionals and Students. Diversity in the workplace benefits. The STaTe of DiverSiTy in environmenTal organizaTionS execuTive Summary page 7 ii. In early October, Barnard Student Government Association Vice President for Policy Alicia Simba expressed this concern at a Barnard SGA meeting with Divest Barnard, which spurred a discussion about the lack of diversity in the activist group. All rights reserved. Understanding more the dimension of cultural diversity. Platzer tells me that this instance is “reflective of the whiteness of the scientific community at large, and how they silence the voices of people of color and other marginalized groups within these disciplines.” Statistically, there are quantifiably more people of color in the world than there are white people. Workplace diversity benefit #10: Improved hiring results. Environment diversity is a broad term which is divided into biomes, ecosystem and habitats which has their own uniques characteristics. Students of color in environmental disciplines face issues regarding the content of the coursework and the demographic makeup of their majors. Although often used in tandem with diversity, inclusion is a concept of its own. In the past, Benesch notes, “there has been a total exclusion of people of color, especially black and indigenous people, from any discussion about environmental [issues].”.